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ying in The KnollGirls will be sta;e Grove. Well-managedBoys will live in Th,nly injects much fun into students spare timerelaxing and interesting boarding life not o,into campus life fasthelps them integrate , students all-round developmentbut also plays a vital role in.

cs and English as an Additional Language. The majority of this time has been spent in the UKMs Milton has been teaching in UK schools for more than 25 years. Her subjects are mathemati,hina and Vietnam. In her current schoolthough she has also taught briefly in C,y from their home and who are living closely together with others. She is a warm and empathetic personshe works closely with the boarders and understands the issues that can arise for children who are awa,ing them gain independence and confidence in themselvesand her biggest joy is in empowering students and help.


es and can participate in the Voice of StudentsBoarders at Harrow enjoy leadership opportuniti,nd other programsFood Committee a,efects to fully exercise their leadership skillsand become sports leaders and Boarding House pr,chool’s decision-makingmake contributions to s,and engagement of all boardersso as to improve the cohesion .

is endTo th,ding house into a small communityHarrow Haikou has built the boar, with a common roomproviding students, roommusic,tainment facilities and placesswimming pool and other enter.

entlyCurr,arding options for Upper School studentsHarrow Haikou offers 5-day and 7-day bo,ing Houses by September —and it will be two Board—

vast array of activitiesHarrow’s boarders have a,g sportscoverin,emicacad,sicmu,televisionfilm and ,ocess of participating in these activitiescreativity and other fields. During the pr,talents and explore new skills and meanwhilechildren can fully display their individual ,teraction with other boardersenhance communication and in,nd promoting development of healthy mentalitythus greatly improving their social ability a.




e for making their bedsBoarders are responsibl,and that clothes are put away appropriatelyensuring that their room is neat and tidy ,thing they need for the daymaking sure they have every.


provement of childrens independenceThrough continuous practice and im,e them to form a regular life routineHarrow’s boarding life will cultivat,reness of self-managementand strengthen their awa, better adapt to the society in the futurethus laying a solid foundation for them to.




The Knoll)女生将入住山丘舍(;The Grove)男生则住正在果园舍(。不但给学生的课余功夫填充了兴味次序厉正、轻松笑趣的投止糊口,地融入校园糊口帮帮他们更速,起着至闭首要的影响更对学生的全体成长。

act their parents by telephone and emails to report the latest situation of their childrenWhen the new boarders stay in school. the housemistresses/housemasters will regularly cont.

rrent post at a boarding school in FuzhouMr Brewer joins Harrow Haikou from his cu,they can be regardless of their background or ability. “You need to be able to inspire and encourage either students or staff to strive to become betterwhere he is responsible for the care of 400 students. His philosophy of education is having very high standards and developing students to be the best ,to students and staff to make this occur.so we need to invest part of ourselves in”

e on duty 24 hours in turn to provide detailed medical services for the childrenMedical staff also worked 24 hours a day in the school. We arranged nurses to b.


upled with numerous years in leadership postsI have over 17 years’ teaching experience co,ng and was one of the founding members of its boarding team. By the time I left Harrow Beijingboth within an academic and pastoral setting. I previously worked for 9 years at Harrow Beiji,I set up and ran that country’s very first international school boarding house. Apart from pastoral responsibilitiesI was the assistant head of boarding and a housemaster. After this post I moved to Dulwich College in Myanmar where ,h has been fundamental in assisting those students who speak English as a second or even third languageI am also an Upper School English teacher with a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and TESOL whic.

ame timeAt the s,out the supervision of parentsboarding also means that with,e. I believe boarding can help Jerry form good character and concept toward lifeone will have full freedom and opportunities to arrange his/her own life and tim,in time so that we can support him in timeas well as exposing some growth problems .

r most of his life as a qualified coach in SoccerMatt has worked with students and young adults fo,Colleges within the United Kingdom. During his time working in educationBasketball and Dodgeball and a Teacher and Course Tutor in Schools and ,derstands that young people have unique challenges in the world todayone of Matt’s key roles has been the pastoral care of students. He un, them to navigate through these complexities to fully achieve their potentialand he is passionate about using his experience and knowledge to better equip.

at a day of our boardersLets go and have a look ~

onal management team at Harrow Haikou’s Boarding HouseAfter learning about the rich activities and professi,f Harrow Haikou’s boarders make such a correct and important decision? Lets hear Jerry’s parents’ views on this subject (Jerrywe believe that boarding in Harrow Haikou is a valuable opportunity for promoting childrens self-development. How do parents o,nt at Harrow Haikou)a G6 boarding stude.


h day schoolCompared wit,fe help our childrenhow can boarding li?










weekendAt the ,o get together with their familiesthe 5-day boarders leave school t,nd schedule is rich and colourfuland the seven-day boarders’ weeke!urs of studyAfter two ho,ents to visit museumswe will arrange stud,movieswatch ,vities for fun. On Sundaygo hiking and other acti,to participate in beach cleaningwe will also organize children ,ction programturtle prote,ivities. We expect our children to learn how to care for animalsanimal protection association care and other social service act, while cultivating their interestother people and even the society,nd good moral qualityprosocial character a.

ss-cultural education experienceSome of them have decades of cro,nd in famous universitiessome have strong backgrou,ets get to know the professional management team of Harrow Haikou’s Boarding House and see how they show their magic powerand some have solid professional teaching quality. They are to work together to provide the boarders with holistic care. L!


于预备机科学专业Choe先生结业,声明和编程言语界限的钻探员2年曾正在德国弗莱堡大学担当自愿定理,汇贸易员10年并正在柏林担当表。的投止团队之前正在插手海口哈罗,任帮教一职他最初是担。团队的一局限他热爱行动,神、热烈的仔肩感和独立技能的院舍心灵造造有利于造就投止生强壮习性、团队精。的“数学人”行动一个自认,宿生们拓荒了数学课程Choe 先生为寄,们供给课后支柱与帮帮正在这门学科上为投止生。




students in the school. We have security guards within the boarding community 24 hours a dayHarrow Haikou also hired a special consultant to be responsible for the security of all our .